You have best of class industry experts across various levels from retired C-Suite Executives, semi-retired executives, vice presidents, general manager and senior managers with various global experience.


We have vetting processes to ensure we provide quality experts who ultimately end up owning the shares of the organization as they progress. Share ownership incentives the experts as they own the company.


Our Experts go through the coaching program to enhance their skills of asking incisive questions. The quality of the outcome of an expert consultation is depended on the quality of the question asked. The real problem is uncovered through a series of “chunking” the Client to understand the real problem.


You ask the question for free and we provide the answer.


Are you tired of paying high fees for consultants One-Stop Online and virtual business model to solve problems from Mine to Market We provide a one stop-shop for your mining issues. We provide flexibility from 1 hour consultation to virtual teams across the globe.


Mine to Market Are you tired of consulting with various consulting firms and you feel they don’t speak your language of mining? Have you felt like you are actually providing the answer to your solution rather than them providing the answers to you?


Our innovative digital-led approach allows you to ask a question online, we provide an expert to assist you with an answer. This can range from 1 hour online consultation to 3 months. We provide site visits should a need be but with digital technology, we provide most of our services online. We have a membership for both clients and Experts that offers value for money for all your needs at various levels depended on your needs.


Technology and Sustainability-Mastermind Programs and Webinars. It is the blueprint for our business model. We collaborate and have partnerships to offer mastermind webinars with our experts on future trends that will shape an industry that is safer, more sustainable and efficient, and better harmonised with the needs of our host communities and society as a whole.


20 Years Experience

Insight was founded by Dr Patience Mpofu, a mining strategist with over 20 years mining experience across various commodities working alongside some of the most respected Industry experts and C-Suite CEOs and now Board members. She founded Insights to help solve some of the mine’s most intractable problems. A lot of ex-CEOs or C-Suite mining executives are retired and few are sitting on Boards and this useful knowledge is dispersed, hidden and buried in the minds of these individuals around the world. By implication, relevant knowledge is rarely available where it is needed most. With digital connectivity now readily available and following the COVID-19 where organsiations had to adapt to the lockdowns and create virtual teams, Insight provides the tools to tackle this problem directly.


We envision a world where every decision maker can effortlessly tap the world’s collective knowledge, reducing ignorance and the waste of resources it entails. A world where knowledge available somewhere informs critical decisions everywhere.


Our mission is to empower business decision makers through fast, accurate and personalized knowledge-sharing solutions. To build connect a community of the world’s top mining experts with the world’s mining environment: reflecting the shift in the way organisations operate and using the power of digital technology thus tapping into the vast human hidden knowledge.


We focus on attracting the best and experienced talent and together build a world-class firm. A firm that helps today’s business leaders succeed, and that inspires and develops the business leaders of tomorrow. Data and information become static and outdated as soon as they are published. Through the internet, written research is readily available to any individual or organisation at the click of a button. But companies who build their intellectual advantages on the basis of knowledge instead, stand the best chance of innovating, making progress and succeeding.