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With current challenges globally, we can provide consultants to assist with the health and safety programs for your teams during this COVID-19 period. We connect you with people who have experience in your commodity type or area from Mine to Market so you can act decisively based on the insights provided by our experts. This can be an hour consultation of 3 months consultations.


We help you build sustainable communities according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our approach is robust and goes beyond compliance. We provide Surveys, help with your social license to operate strategies and operational plans.


The mining and metals industry is one of the building blocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Yet, the current perception of the industry is increasing the cost for talent acquisition, increasing socio-political tensions and raising questions in the investor community. Are mining companies using blockchain technology to catalyse and accelerate sourcing, innovation and enhanced brand image in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? We use experts who have experience on the Mine of the Future technology and how this can assist your organization. Leading teams online as a culture shock for many. We provide digital experts to help your teams to function more effectively online.


Are you looking for an expert to provide insights on your energy requirements? Are you looking for renewable energy expert?


The mining industry faces a changing talent and workplace landscape, with digitization necessitating new skillsets, a massive shift when considering effects of COVID-19. To prepare for this imminent future, organizations need to clarify not only their business goals and aspirations, but also the role that their talent strategy should play to deliver on them. Is your organization teams worried they may never recover from the COVID-19 pandemic? Are your team leaders coping with the new way of leading teams remotely? We provide flexibility for you through our rich Network of experts. We have hundreds of virtual CFOs, Strategists, Community Development and the entire Virtual Exco especially for junior miners. Insight Mining Experts provide flexibility of staff while you get your business up and running. All our experts form part of this Virtual Staff to meet your requirements. We also provide coaching for your teams.